Sector Mandate:

    To provide effective Leadership and Administration for efficient service delivery in the District.

Sector profile:

  • The sector is composed of three sub sectors namely;
  • Administration
  • Human Resource
  • Information & Records management


Sector Objectives.

  • To ensure efficient service delivery to the community.
  • To ensure efficient utilization of resources.
  • To strengthen internal and external financial controls
  • To ensure accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of services.
  • To improve records and information management.
  • To create awareness on key development issues.
  • To coordinate and monitor sectoral activities.
  • To have a motivated and highly skilled workforce.
  • To desminate information and post mandatory notices to all concerned parties.
  • Management of an efficient payroll system and timely payment of staff salaries.
  • Conduct capacity building activities for staff at the District,lower councils and civil society organisation.