Natural Resources

Departmental Mandate.

  • To ensure that natural resources are utilized sustainably for the provision of quality goods and services based on secure land tenure system and coordinated development.

Departmental Sectors

  • Natural resource coordination office
  • Lands and physical planning sub sector.
  • Environment and wetlands sub sector
  • District forestry services sub sector


Sector Objectives.

  • Increase forestry cover in the district
  • Deepen public knowledge about housing and human settlements
  • Prevent slum development and upgrade the existing ones
  • Increase the level of awareness on land issues and promote land registration
  • Identify and address merging environmental issues and opportunities
  • Promote the sustainable use of wetland resources for ecological and social economic benefits
  • Ensure green development and promote sustainable development
  • Promote awareness on environment and natural resource management
  • Protect and/ or manage ecological sensitive areas
  • Ensure co-existence between national parks and park adjacent communities and minimize human wild life conflicts.