Sector Mandate:

To ensure equitable access, retention and provision of Quality Education in Rukiga District Schools.

Sector objectives

  • To eradicate illiteracy and equip the individual with basic skills and Knowledge to exploit the environment for self-development as well as national development ; for better health, nutrition and family life, and the capacity for continued learning; and
  • To equip the learners with the ability to contribute to the building of an integrated, self-sustaining and independent national economy.
  • To enable individuals acquire functional, permanent and development literacy, numeracy and communication skills in English, Kiswahili and, at least one Uganda language.
  • To develop the ability of problem solving approach in various life situations and
  • To develop discipline and good manners.
  • To develop a sense of patriotism, nationalism and national unity in diversity.



  • Administration
  • Inspectorate
  • Sports
  • Special Needs Education
  • Guidance and counseling.


The district has:

71 Government Aided Primary schools

8   Government Aided Secondary schools

1   Tertiary Institution

27 Private Primary schools

13 Private secondary schools



Enrolment of pupils/students as of year 2020 ;

Government Aided Primary Schools            26,049

Privately owned Primary Schools                    5,819

Privately owned Pre-primary Schools             2,938

Government Aided Secondary Schools          3,974

Privately Owned Secondary Schools               2,439

Kabale –Bukinda PTC                                             360