Mr. Mbabazi Robert Kakwerere

District Council: 
Rukiga District Local Governement

Mr. Mbabazi Robert Kakwerere is the District Chairperson of Rukiga. He was elected into office in January 2021. The Chairman, as first citizen of the District, represents Rukiga District Council at Community and civic events. The Chairperson is elected every five years by universal adult suffrage through secret ballot. The Chairperson is responsible to the council and takes precedence over matters relating to the district.


Welcome to the Rukiga district official website where we will interact and share ideas for the betterment of our home district of Rukiga. The website is an information highway, intended to serve as a medium to inform and highlight the activities and responsibilities of the district. However this site will also provide a platform for ‘reverse communication’, so that we are also able to hear from you.

Further, it is important to note that the website is not replacing our usual modes of communication where we get feedback from the public but rather it will complement the other mediums that are instrumental for effective service delivery.

Indeed, as a district Rukiga intends to enhance the use of technology to spur development and also showcase its immense potential to the world.

Lastly, let this web page become an avenue for us to build a home that we will always cherish.

I thank you all


Roles and Responsibilities of a District Chairperson

  1. Preside at meetings of the executive committee of the district;
  2. Monitor the general administration of the district;
  3. Monitor the implementation of council decisions;
  4. Subject to Section 79 of this act and Article 197 of the constitution, monitor and coordinate the activities of the Municipal and Town councils and of other lower local governments and administrative units in the district
  5. On behalf of the council, oversee the performance of persons employed by the government to provide services in the district and to monitor the provision of government services or the implementation of projects in the district;
  6. Coordinate and monitor government functions as between the district and the government;
  7. Perform other functions that may be necessary for the better functioning of the district council, or which may be incidental to the functions of chairperson or imposed on the chairperson by any law.
  8. The chairperson shall abide by, uphold and safeguard the constitution, the district laws and other laws of Uganda and shall endeavor to promote the welfare of the citizens in the district.
  9. The subject to the constitution and this act, the functions conferred on the chairperson may be exercised by the chairperson directly or through elected or appointed officials subordinate to the chairperson.
  10. The Chairperson shall, in the performance of his or her functions, be answerable to the district council.
  11. The chairperson shall make a report to the council on the state of affairs of the district, at least once a year